Sentient's Investment Process

Sentient has a structured and rigorous review process. Each step from the preliminary review, through site visits, detailed operational and financial evaluation, technical and financial due diligence and documentation of transactions occurs in a realistic timeframe before an investment is made. Sentient will study its exit strategies and options as part of its evaluation process.

All aspects of each proposal ranging from the basic value proposition, sponsor management and exit strategy to specific resource, finance, country and operational risks are evaluated before coming to a decision.

Sentient is able to draw on its own extensive library and databases on resource industries, companies, projects and its network of independent external advisors during the process of making its investment decisions.

In making an investment, Sentient will work with management and other stakeholders to evaluate and agree the desired realisation options. Realisation opportunities include, sale to company/management, sale to a corporate buyer, sale to a financial buyer, initial public offerings or recapitalisations.